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College Furnitures

Simply purchasing classroom furniture is not always in college’s interest. Most of the furniture we supply colleges is designed and manufactured in low cost and are durable to withstand all wear and tear. We provide custom designed college furniture, from which you can select from our design collections of our design team on college desks, table, and chairs to suit your creativity. We manufacture both wooden and steel college desks of any size, (i.e. Long desks and benches and duel desks and benches) with or without book shelve of any size. Along with college desks we also supply tables, Cupboards, Chairs, Book racks, and Computer tables.

Hospital Furnitures

Sri Raja steels with innovative technology and market experience, is started to manufacture specialized hospital products like hospital Beds, hospital Tables, Examining Tables, Operation Tables etc. The range of hospital products we supply comes in a standard size.

Hospital beds: Ward beds, two section beds, ICU beds.

Lockers and cabinets: Instrument cabinet, bed side locker, bed side locker SS top, bed side locker (deluxe), bed side cabinet, bed side cabinet SS top.

Cradles: Baby cradle, baby cradle with warmer bush, baby cradle with side drop, crib carrier, crib carrier attachment to bed.

Trolleys: Emergency trolleys, dressing trolley, kick bucket, instrument trolley, OT instrument trolley, oxygen trolley, laproscopy trolley.

Stool: Visitor stool, bed side bench, revolving stool, foot step, bed side couch.

Stretcher: stretcher on trolly, emergency stretcher, folding canvass stretcher, Emergency stretcher, recovery stretcher

Stand: IV stand, IV stand full SS, wash basin stand, wash basin stand (two tier), bed side stretch screen frame, bed side screen, towel stand, walker,

College furniture
Hospital Trolley
Hospital Furniture